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Website at window tinting

Online business card design "standard" was developed for a representative ARMOLAN in Dnepropetrovsk - producer sun tint film for windows. Purchase and install tinting film company representative ARMOLAN offers you on the territory of Dnipropetrovsk region and of course directly in the city of Dnepropetrovsk.

Sun tinting film for windows allows you to maintain a comfortable temperature in the room in the summer, eliminating the glare of the sun and prying eyes of passers- intrusive. Using special high-impact dubbing of the film can also protect their property from vandals .

Website Studio Bodyflex Korpan Marina in Ukraine

Corporate website design "premium" was designed for studio Bodyflex Korpan Marina in Ukraine. Things to Bodifleks holds only certified trainer studio Marina Korpan Ukraine Ovsyannikova Lydia. Workouts Bodifleks held on schedule in Dnepropetrovsk and Yellow Waters.

Bodifleks - breathe and grow thin. Discard the grueling workouts in the gym, debilitating body diets. Maintain a healthy lifestyle, eat and breathe... right along with Lydia Ovsyannikova in training on the system for Bodifleks Marina Korpan.

Website of construction firm

Online business card design "standard" was developed for the construction company. The company is building homes turnkey throughout Ukraine, including Dnipropetrovsk region, Sea of ​​Azov and the Black Sea. Construction company will perform for you a wide range of works, namely the development of a work plan for the construction of houses, construction of the foundation , building construction, repair, finishing and roofing, installation of all engineering and energy systems - in a word construction turnkey home. After spending a year domain ( was not renewed by the owner.

Polish Website store mattresses M&K foam Kolo

Listings website design "premium" has been designed to store mattresses "M&K foam". European mattress store is the regional representative of the brand M & K foam (Germany - Poland). Shop mattresses located at Dnipropetrovsk city . Leningrad , 27/31.

Sleep - an important part of human life, from which very much depends on the physical state. Do not skimp on your health - choose better quality mattresses. Company M & K foam will gladly help you with the selection and acquisition of top European quality mattresses.

Website hairdresser Julia Krasnoshchek

Online business card design "standard" was developed for the hairdresser Julia Krasnoshchek. Order hairstyle any difficulty you can in Dnepropetrovsk. Hairdresser Julia Krasnoshchek - master hairstyles from classic to modern, on every occasion - from weaving unique beauty braid to wedding hairstyles. Hair - is the natural beauty of every woman, well maintained and properly styled hair for the occasion - it is amazing beautiful. Hairstyle is not just enhances the beauty of women, her hairstyle expresses.

Website "Web Studio Para-diz"

Corporate website design "premium" has been developed for webstudio "Para-diz". Home version of the design that has been redesigned in a more austere style. "Para-diz" - a team of specialists in the creation and promotion of your site. Site of any complexity in the short term turnkey! Taking into account all the wishes of the customer, including the budget. Full understanding of the specifics of the created site, constant contact, always connected, the selection approach to each client different - every client is unique. We work with you and for you.

Сайт строительной компании

Сайт-визитка с дизайном «Стандарт» был разработан для строительной компании. Компания осуществляет строительство домов под ключ на территории всей Украины, в т.ч. Днепропетровская область, побережье Азовского и Чёрного моря.
Строительная компания выполнит для Вас широкий спектр работ, а именно разработка плана работ на строительство дома, возведение фундамента, строительство здания, ремонтные, отделочные и кровельные работы, монтаж всех инженерных и энергетических систем – одним словом строительство дома под ключ.

Сайт магазина каминов и саун "Домашний очаг"

Сайт-каталог с дизайном «Имиджевый» был разработан для магазина каминов и саун «Домашний очаг». Магазин «Домашний очаг» расположен по адресу: г. Днепропетровск, ул. Ленинградская, 45.


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