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Website auto service station "A Turbo"

Online business card design "standard" was developed for service "Turbo-A." Service Station provides fast, and most importantly quality, diagnose and repair trucks. Enterprise Certificate "A Turbo" is located at Dnipropetrovsk city. Orel, 21 on the territory of ATP 11263.

SRT "A Turbo" assures you that your car will serve faithfully for many years, with regular diagnosis and timely repair at professionals.

Manufacturer Website bricks TM Silar

Online business card design "standard" was developed for a major regional producer of bricks TM Sylar. Products are sold throughout the Ukraine. Production facilities are located at Dneprodzerzhynsk str. Repin, 18m.

If you decide to build a house, remember, the house is not built on a year / two. Your home - your castle, and a very important appearance of this fortress. On the facing bricks from TM Silar Your castle is a wonderful castle.

Website Law Firm "Palladium"

Website business card design "standard" was developed for the law firm "Palladium". Get expert advice from specialists jurisprudence can in Dnepropetrovsk and any other city in Ukraine. Cooperation with the law firm "Palladium" - is the key to successful conduct their business, you will insure and shod on all issues and controversial moments from a legal perspective.

Site dental clinic "Dent Life"

Website business card design "standard" was developed for the dental clinic "Dent Life". Expert advice and a full range of dental services team of doctors and dentists are waiting for you at Dnepropetrovsk, Kirov, 33g. Dental Clinic «Dent Life» - this is a full range of dental retainers, from treatment of dental caries before installing braces and dentures.

Website packaging manufacturer LLC "Grand Flex"

Online business card design "standard" was developed for packaging manufacturer LLC "Grand Flex". Manufacture of packaging materials found at Dnipropetrovsk city. The cable 127. Partners are more than 1000 companies across Ukraine. Manufacturer of packaging materials LLC "Grand Flex" has its own production and storage capacity that allows you to quickly produce products under the order.

Website "Jewelry made"

Online business card design "standard" was developed for a jeweler who will produce for you any jewelry to order. Making chains and bracelets geographically being in the studio city Dnepropetrovsk. Weaving chains for the order - it is an opportunity to get a unique product of gold and silver. Besides the beauty of manual weaving, enticing prices are made ​​of gold and silver handmade design jeweler «Zolto». Gold - is a luxury, and exclusive Chain of gold - this elegant luxury.

Website "Tool Rental Dnepropetrovsk"

Online business card design "standard" was developed for the company «Arenda-Tools», which deposits an instrument rental Dnepropetrovsk. If you have a building or repair and you need power tools, construction tools - you dearly to buy them in order to work with them a couple of days - rent in Dnepropetrovsk tool available to you. A wide range of construction tools rental with flexible pricing. If you do not find the right tool, make a form on the website and the company «Arenda-Tools» find you any building trade for hire in Dnepropetrovsk in deadlines.


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