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Website Studio Bodyflex Korpan Marina in Ukraine

Corporate website design "premium" was designed for studio Bodyflex Korpan Marina in Ukraine. Things to Bodifleks holds only certified trainer studio Marina Korpan Ukraine Ovsyannikova Lydia. Workouts Bodifleks held on schedule in Dnepropetrovsk and Yellow Waters.

Bodifleks - breathe and grow thin. Discard the grueling workouts in the gym, debilitating body diets. Maintain a healthy lifestyle, eat and breathe... right along with Lydia Ovsyannikova in training on the system for Bodifleks Marina Korpan.

Website lighting distribution solutions company

Website catalog design "premium" has been developed for lighting distribution solutions company DSC Light. Office and warehouse DSC Light located at Dnipropetrovsk city. , 84.

DSC Light - is the official representative of many leading brands of Ukrainian and foreign electrical manufacturers, namely Askoukrem, SvetoPribor Ukraine, Svitex, Belsvet, Buko, Lumen, Devolt, Spark and others.

Website store toys "Kesha"

Website-showcase design "premium" has been designed for store children's toys "Kesha". The store is located at: Pridneprovsk str. 20 Years of Victory, 43D, TC "SPAR".

Children - is the happiness of each person. Let your child and so was happy in his childhood - give him a toy. P.S. Toy does not happen much.

Polish Website store mattresses M&K foam Kolo

Listings website design "premium" has been designed to store mattresses "M&K foam". European mattress store is the regional representative of the brand M & K foam (Germany - Poland). Shop mattresses located at Dnipropetrovsk city . Leningrad , 27/31.

Sleep - an important part of human life, from which very much depends on the physical state. Do not skimp on your health - choose better quality mattresses. Company M & K foam will gladly help you with the selection and acquisition of top European quality mattresses.

Website advertising agency "Millennium"

Corporate website design "premium" has been developed for the advertising agency "Millennium". Site was created in 2011 in conjunction with an advertising agency employee Millennium. Office creative advertising agency MilleniuM located at Dnipropetrovsk city. Artem 94.

"Millennium" - creative agency, which operates successfully in advertising and not only for more than 10 years. It organizes all the Millennium renowned event "Catherine Ball", produces the legendary magazine "Millennium" and much more.


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