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Website Legal Center "Proximus"

Corporate website design "premium" has been developed for the legal center "Proximus". Legal center "Proximus" provides advice on the territory of Ukraine on the whole, geographically located at the Dnipropetrovsk city. Komsomolskaya 1, office. 13.

Website Legal Center "Proximus" was developed in 2011 in conjunction with an advertising agency employee "Millennium".

Website helicopter simulators LLC "HELITREYNING UKRAINE"

Corporate website design "premium" has been developed for an innovative company helicopter simulators LLC "HELITREYNING UKRAINE". Training Centre "HELITREYNING Ukraine" is the official representative and business partner ZAO "Transas Aviation" (TRANsport SAfety Systems, St. Petersburg ) in Ukraine Kremenchug. LLC "HELITREYNING UKRAINE" - leader in the design, development and manufacture of helicopter simulators in Ukraine. Decided to become a pilot or buy a simulator to fly a helicopter - the answer is obvious - you into town Kremenchug Training Centre "HELITREYNING UKRAINE".

Online shop equipment and accessories for manufacture pressed badges

Online shop with unique design "premium" classes has been developed for the company TM Znachok4U, which implements the equipment and accessories for production pressed badges, and also makes the finished merchandise to order: badges, magnets, etc. Products are sold throughout the Ukraine. Production facilities are located at Dnipropetrovsk city . Komsomolskaya , 48 .

Online store for perfumes and cosmetics Lambre

Online shop design "premium" has been developed for the company perfumery Lambre. You can buy Lambre perfumes on the territory of Ukraine, delivery services provided by New Mail for 1 - 2- days. The warehouse is located in perfumes Lambre Dnepropetrovsk. In this connection, in Dnepropetrovsk parfumes Lambre delivery by courier directly to the day of the order . After the redesign introduces a new improved version of the site Lambre, which has been redesigned from the online perfume store Lambre .

Website beauty studio in Dnepropetrovsk "Ariana"

Corporate website design "premium" was designed for beauty studio "Ariana" . Inauguration beauty studio "Ariana" 13.10.13 at Dnepropetrovsk, Gagarin Avenue , 90. The beauty and aesthetics will provide you with a wide range of quality services with premium skin care, body and hair, etc. By means of site beauty studio in Dnepropetrovsk, you can enroll in your convenient time for a manicure, pedicure, haircut, coloring, permanent tattoo, SPA treatments and much more. Follow shares and gifts from the beauty salon.

Website "Photo-Video Studio Dnepropetrovsk"

Corporate website design "premium" has been developed for photo and video studio Dnepropetrovsk. Do you need photo shoot for a portfolio, you need to capture the wedding, the emergence of the first-born, and many other heart fluttering moments of your life or you just need a photo for documents, refer to the professional photographer. Photo shoot held in place in the studio or on the road. Address studio in Dnepropetrovsk Karl Marx prospect, 39. Website is under construction materials. For your attention is invited to consult the site design.

Website "Web Studio Para-diz"

Corporate website design "premium" has been developed for webstudio "Para-diz". Home version of the design that has been redesigned in a more austere style. "Para-diz" - a team of specialists in the creation and promotion of your site. Site of any complexity in the short term turnkey! Taking into account all the wishes of the customer, including the budget. Full understanding of the specifics of the created site, constant contact, always connected, the selection approach to each client different - every client is unique. We work with you and for you.

Website "Extraction and processing of sandstone Yampol"

Corporate website design "premium" has been developed for the stone company of «Sia-Stone». The company carries out the extraction and processing of sandstone quarry Yampol (Vinnitsa ) . Is also a major producer of plate wall, pavers, paving tiles, borders, etc. That is later used for cladding works, both interior and exterior . Facing quality materials, high-class professionals - the best investment in your property. Facing facades, entrances, columns and balusters, fences, making fireplaces, barbecue, etc. - visual arts masters.


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